Monday, December 26, 2011

Obama Back In Positive Territory

For the first time since the summer Obama's polling numbers are back in positive territory according to a Gallup Poll. A lot of the reason is congressional Republicans floundering on the issue of The Payroll Tax Cut, as well as the dismal performance by Republican Presidential candidates. In my feeling most Americans, even registered Republicans, are unenthusiastic about their potential choice in candidates in the upcoming presidential election. This could just be a continuing trend of Americans going back and forth as they are unpleased with their choice in candidates, much like the volatile polls in the Republican primary. This could also be the beginning of an upward trend for Obama with the economy doing marginally better and employment numbers increasing, though many economists suggest the economy could slow even more over the next year. All these things remain to be seen. However, the new development of Obama's surging approval ratings are an interesting development in an increasingly interesting political season. 

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