Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fixing the Two Party System

Hi, my name is Chris Wilson, founder of Show-Me Independents. Today will be our first ever Video Blog, so I hope you enjoy it.

Now, today I will be talking to you about the state of the failed two-party system in American politics and how we can go about fixing it. when we talk about the current two-party system and it's problems we are really discussing two main issues here.

The first issue is the inability of Democrats and Republicans to accomplish anything legislatively. The government shutdown was a perfect example of Washington's crippling gridlock but America's problems are not going anywhere and will only worsen as they go addressed.

We have a broken immigration system in this country and the issues over undocumented and illegal immigrants only scratches the surface of what the real problems are with our current overly complicated system filled with huge backlogs, long waiting periods and is historically inept at assimilating new immigrants into American society.

Next, our infrastructure is falling apart. In fact recently the American Society of Engineers gave the country a D+ grade for its infrastructure and $3.6 Trillion is needed by 2020 just to keep it from falling into total disrepair.

This in addition compounds to the fact that two-thirds of state pensions around the country are drastically underfunded and even worse, many cities are even filing for bankruptcy due to their failed pension programs. Detroit is the one on everyone's mind with it currently being involved in its bankruptcy proceedings.

The list of problems goes on, without a single Washington politician willing to sit down and actually develop the solutions needed to address these pressing issues. We here at Show-Me Independents think that this is wholly unacceptable and will in the future offer our own solutions to these problems and others, as well as work to highlight rising Independents willing to tackle these tough issues.

Our Second major issue, to the failed two-party system, is the growing number of Americans, 40% to be exact, who are registered Independents with Moderate political views who have absolutely no political representation especially as Democrats and Republicans move further and further to the extremes leaving a plurality of Americans disenfranchised. Being that this is supposed to be a Representative Democracy that is completely unacceptable and we as Independents must fight back and end the choke hold that two-party special interests have on this country.

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