Thursday, December 6, 2012

GOP Senator Jim DeMint To Join Heritage Foundation

It has been announced South Carolina Republican, Senator Jim DeMint will vacate his seat at the end of the year and take the helm at the Heritage Foundation. Jim DeMint has been a powerful Conservative within the Senate and has aligned himself with the Tea Party Movement, though he may be stepping aside this will not diminish his role in politics but merely strengthen it. The Heritage Foundation is a powerful Right-Wing think tank and will give DeMint the power to lobby and support other Far Right Socially Conservative Republicans. Already in the Senate DeMint has lended his support to help elect six Tea Party Candidates. There is a strong argument that his hand has been strengthened by these elections, as well as his new role as President of The Heritage Foundation. Celebration amongst Liberal Media outlets is premature.

Though Jim DeMint has only served in the senate since 2005, he has made his mark as arguably the most Conservative member of the Senate. DeMint, as a member of the Sub-Committee on Communications, Technology and the Internet supported a bill that would have outlawed doctors and patients even talking about abortion over the internet. An outspoken critic of Same-Sex marriage, DeMint went as far as to say during his 2004 campaign, DeMint stated his belief that gays should not barred from teaching as well as single mothers who live with their boyfriends. However, DeMint's Grandstanding made him a complicated foe to deal with. He at times proclaimed that he would block any bills that came through the Senate if they were not approved by his staff. What DeMint has made in crazy, he had made up with guile, political posturing and forging strong Conservative alliances. The support he has garnered among like minded politicians he has helped to elect will help to further the lobbying power of The Heritage Foundation once he takes it's helm.

The Heritage Foundation in many ways is a perfect fit for DeMint. Not only does their policy positions align with his own, but their tactics for garnering support also coincide. The Heritage Foundation operates as a Not-For-Profit Policy Research and Education Institution, which affords them a tax free status while still utilizing the tools of a lobbying group and receiving unlimited support from wealthy individuals, corporations and foundations. Though many in the Liberal Media are rejoicing over this news, Jim DeMint's role in Beltway Politics has not diminished but in fact has strengthened. Now with political allies and at the helm of a large Conservative Think Tank he is free to operate behind the scenes with out fear of ever losing an election, a scary thought indeed.

GOP Senator Jim DeMint To Join Heritage Foundation

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